Ace of Spades


Rather complex collage made in my room in Hostel S in Novi Sad. Pieces from An old 1957 brochure of Exakta, Hungarian books for children (Az Elvarazsolt Erdo en Oreg Nene Ozikeje) and a Hungarian book from the thirties called Travel Around the World. Total of 20 pieces. 18x24cm.



I get visits from various (Facebook) Friends around the world on my Therefore I will try to give an explanation in English:
Collage A4 format. Title: Emleklap. Made out of more than 35 pieces on 300 grams paper. Magazines used: brochure Exakta 1957, Hungarian knitting magazine 1963, old Hungarian book Around The World, music papers found on the street in Budapest and a diploma from 1974 from The Hungarian Communist Party bought on the flea market in Szeged-Hungary.