The Red Fat Cardinal


Another colourful and cheerful one. 25x30cm. Seventies drawer, antique printing box, inlay sixties wooden jigsaw puzzle, wood from a dead tree near studio and the very rare Red Fat Cardinal. Only to be seen near Hannemann’s studio.




Kompel is the dialect word for a man working in a mine. The little statue says underneath Valkenburg, which is a small town in the province Limburg in the south of Holland.
Woodenbox from a fifties carpenter working place, inlay from an old door found in my neigboorhood, postcard from the thirties and coals from the local black smith.

Flashlight Maria


Assemblage. Made of glass where they used to bottle fruits or liquor in, an electricity charger, old flashlight without bulb but with Maria (from the flea market) and little blue stones from a goldfish bowl found in the streets of Leiden (don’t worry – there was no goldfish in it).