Totolizator Sportowy 1974


This one is made in the Slavija Hotel in Belgrado. A hotel built in 1979 in Tito’s former Yugoslavia. Now it’s old and there are some bursts and cracks. Step into the seventies if you don’t mind the few stains on the carpet and that the water is a bit brownish. 18x24cm.

Ace of Spades


Rather complex collage made in my room in Hostel S in Novi Sad. Pieces from An old 1957 brochure of Exakta, Hungarian books for children (Az Elvarazsolt Erdo en Oreg Nene Ozikeje) and a Hungarian book from the thirties called Travel Around the World. Total of 20 pieces. 18x24cm.



I get visits from various (Facebook) Friends around the world on my Therefore I will try to give an explanation in English:
Collage A4 format. Title: Emleklap. Made out of more than 35 pieces on 300 grams paper. Magazines used: brochure Exakta 1957, Hungarian knitting magazine 1963, old Hungarian book Around The World, music papers found on the street in Budapest and a diploma from 1974 from The Hungarian Communist Party bought on the flea market in Szeged-Hungary.


Baby you can drive my car


Gemaakt in het klooster in Szeged (Hongarije). Vond op de rommelmarkt in Szeged (Hongarije) een grappig boekje uit 1970. Afbeelding over autorijden en technische uitleg van zwaartepunten, hoeken, hellingen enz. Heb de voor- en achterkant van het boekje gebruikt voor een tweeluik. Buitenmaat 18×24 en binnenmaat 10×16.

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