Lenin Revisited (part 5)


Made this one a few weeks back while I stayed in the Slavija Hotel in Belgrad. 18x24cm. Inner part 10×16. It’s not my favorite. But it’s special because I ran out of my 300 grams paper so I used a cover of a book. You can tell by the brown surroundings in the frame.


When I’m 64


Full A4 format.21×29.7cm. More then 30 pieces out of more then 5 books/leaflets: Bulgarian travelbook from the fifties, book about Lenin, Picture book 1966 etc.
Made for a special occasion in The Aurora Hostel in Nis-Serbia.

Totolizator Sportowy 1974


This one is made in the Slavija Hotel in Belgrado. A hotel built in 1979 in Tito’s former Yugoslavia. Now it’s old and there are some bursts and cracks. Step into the seventies if you don’t mind the few stains on the carpet and that the water is a bit brownish. 18x24cm.