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We love mama

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Handmade collage. 20x30cm/8x12inch. Children’s books images on a children’s book cover. With mother from the magazine Moda from 1959 and some cut up pieces from a city plan.

Bulgarian DaDa. The last scream of the last lost Dadaists

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Handmade collage. 20x30cm/8x12inch. The last one in the Bulgarian DaDa series. It was fun but I’m done with it. This one is made in Varna with a plan bought in Burgas and a magazine from Sofia.

In the streets of Sofia

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Walking the streets of Sofia I saw the poster covered walls and knew I had to do something with it. I took some paper of the walls and carried it around. In cities along the way I laid out different combinations. It was harder then I thought. But finally In The Streets of Sofia was born in Burgas-Bulgaria.