Alle berichten door henkhannemann

Henk Hannemann is a Dutch artist who constantly works on his collages and assemblages. Even during his travels he brings a pair of scissors, glue and paper. He picks up his vintage leaflets, magazines, books etc. along the way. In his hometown Leiden in The Netherlands he works in an old classroom both on his collages and assemblages. Regularly he has exhibitions. You can also find him on Facebook. Since summer 2014 he works on his art in the former mental hospital Schakenbosch on the border of Leidschendam. The books and magazines he uses for his collages are often half a century old or even older. The assemblages (boxes) are made from objects found on the streets or on flea markets and second hand shops. Hannemann got selected in 2014 for Kunstwerkt in Belgium with a collage about the First World War. His work was exposed in Muzee in Oostende. In 2015 his collage Great Balls of Fire was selected for the Zomerexpo in Haags Gemeentemuseum. In January 2016 Henk Hannemann was accepted as a member by Ars in Leiden, the oldest Art society in The Netherlands. In 2017 Hannemann was rejected for the Zomerexpo but selected for the Salon des Refusés in Stedelijk Museum Schiedam. Update. On the first of May 2016 Henk Hannemann moved to a new studio in Hazerswoude-Rijndijk. And guess what? He got asked back to Schakenbosch-Leidschendam. So at the moment there are two studio's. One for the collages and another one for the assemblages. Contact: Or mail or phone:


Analog collage 30x30cm. I was asked to make an album cover for an artist. Without any questions I read some articles and interviews. He was born in 1965. Twenty years after Stalingrad and right in the middle of the Vietnam war. I found some magazines from that year and started working. Then I realized that the collage fitted to well with the name of the artist. Besides that it was a bit to military and maybe it would make a better cover for a metal or grunge band. But I just had to make it.


Analog collage 30x30cm. Made as a possible cover for a record from an artist from the Excelsior label. The W6ANN is a code for a radio amateur in the fifties. The transistor radio comes from a Paris Match from 1965.