Open Air Gallery, Koornbeurssteeg, Leiden-Holland

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Started my own illegal gallery. Yes, on the street. Can be seen the whole week, 24 hours a day. Koornbeursstreeg in Leiden. Probably till October 1 2018. But maybe longer.


Space Oddity 567

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One of my favorites. Multiple pigment transfer, collage, acrylic paint and buttons on hard book cover screwed on wood.

Space Oddity 260

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Spent the months July and August on pigment transfers. I bring over directly the images of a National Geographic magazine on a hard book cover. An uncertain method where you never know what comes out. In this case you can speak of a multiple transfer because I used a couple of pictures.
After this first step I use collage and acrylic paint. At the end the work is covered with several layers of varnish before it is screwed on a piece of scrap wood. 20x30x4cm.